couchbase 3.x 4.6 学习

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1、couchbase 跨平台约束:
Table 1. Example deployments
Standalone clusterCluster A with 4 nodes all Linux OR all WindowsOK
Standalone clusterCluster A with 2 nodes Linux AND 2 nodes WindowsNOT OK
Separate discreet clustersCluster A = Linux, Cluster B = WindowsOK
Replicating clustersCluster A = Linux with XDCR to Cluster B = LinuxOK
Replicating clustersCluster A = Windows with XDCR to Cluster B = LinuxNOT OK

3、不同平台之间数据备份 恢复
 Couchbase clusters on mixed platforms are not supported. Specifically, Couchbase Server on Mac OS X uses 64 vBuckets as opposed to the 1024 vBuckets used by other platforms. Due to this difference, if you need to move data between a Mac OS X cluster and a cluster hosted on another platform use cbbackup and cbrestore.


1) /opt/couchbase/etc/couchbase/static_config
2){rest_port, 9000} 8091 Web administration port
{mccouch_port, 8999} 11213 Default value for mccouch
{memcached_port, 12000} 11211 Client interface (proxy) {memcached_dedicated_port, 11999} 11211 Client interface (proxy) {moxi_port, 12001} 11210 Internal/external bucket port {ssl_rest_port,11000} 18091 Internal REST HTTPS for SSL
{ssl_capi_port,11001} 18092 Internal CAPI HTTPS for SSL {ssl_proxy_downstream_port,11002} 11214 Incoming SSL proxy {ssl_proxy_upstream_port,11003} 11215 Internal outgoing SSL proxy

3)delete the opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/config/config.dat
4)Start Couchbase Server
5、centos 6 下安装

yum install -y pkgconfig 
yum install openssl098e



Couchbase Server limits and limitations may effect server usage and implementation.

Max key length250 bytes
Max value size20 MB
Max bucket sizeunlimited
Max Buckets per ClusterDefault is 10 (can be adjusted by users)
Max View Key Size4096 bytes


1、vbuckets 原理

集群bucket nodes 节点数量上去后,面临rebalance 失败几率变大的问题;

Detect Stuck vBuckets

Credit: Brent Woodruff

In some 3.x versions, a rebalance operation can hang due to stuck vBuckets. The following awk script can help identify them:

cd /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs
  for file in $(ls -tr memcached.log.*); do 
  cat "$file"; done | awk -f /path/to/stuck_vbuckets.awk
解决方法: bucket切换到备集群,清除有问题的bucket 在进行rebalance;

1、建议关闭系统 abrtd工具,couchbase异常crash 会触发abrt 进行core dump 而由于couchbase 内存占使用很高,会瞬间导致IO很高,cpu占用 上去;导致节点直接失去响应; 
2、couchase安装默认路径 更改至 /data2 数据盘,避免系统盘,防止IO过高;同时data与索引分盘放;



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